Are Candylab toys safe?

We’ve checked all the boxes in terms of safety testing. Please check the Safety Certificates on our Compliance page.

What about defects?

We heard even ’69 Chargers occasionally broke down during warranty, but in our case it will be easier to fix. Send us back the defective vehicle within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll replace it with a new one off the assembly line.

Sure looks Glossy. Will it chip?

With everyday play it will scuff, dent or scratch, and that is how we prefer them honestly. It means it’s fulfilling its purpose as a toy and it makes us happy. Alternately, if you will keep it on a shelf and just dust it off from time to time, it will stay glossy for ever and ever.

Is it ok to chew on the cars?

While non-toxic, it is not okay to let little ones chew, lick, gnaw or otherwise try to consume the toys. Please keep them out of their mouths at all times. They are 3+ rated after all.

How do I clean the cars?

Any carwash will do. Kidding, don’t do that. Just wipe them with a damp cloth—a few drops of soapy water is fine too.

My kids play rough. Will these break?

Depends on how good they are with woodworking tools. But barehanded, there isn’t much they can do aside from taking the rubber tires off. If something does break or comes loose, let us know immediately so we can send a replacement. Email toyrepair@candylabtoys.com for fast response.